It will be an Idaho-made movie, set in the mountains, and we might see it on Netflix soon. Filming for Pinewood just started on Friday, and they've still got room for you as an extra.

Idaho City has been chosen by Boise-based Clear as Mudd Films, to be the setting for the movie called Pinewood.  All of that activity might be kind of a shocker for that quiet little town, and the police chief there issued an alert for those that live there warning that there would be some random gunfire and yelling, and not to worry because it's all part of the movie.  Crews filmed in Boise County Friday through Sunday, and there are plans to shoot more scenes there soon.

The Idaho Statesman says the movie Pinewood will be a “horror thriller /neo-western” that will be shot at a private cabin and other locations around Idaho City and Boise County, and it covers the adventures of an escaped convict who stumbles upon the small town and decides to stay awhile.

There are still openings if you want to be an extra, and there's more about that on the Pinewood Facebook page.

Boise Weekly says the filmmakers plan to submit Pinewood to film festivals, hoping to market the film to Netflix or other high-profile platforms.  We'll be watching.

The Idaho mountains are an escape for some big Hollywood movie stars who buy cabins and settle down looking to get out of the rat race.  And it sounds like we'll be seeing a lot more of those same peaceful mountain scenes on the big screen soon.  Along with a couple of gunfights too, of course.

They're anticipating that the movie will come out in early 2018.  We'll keep you updated, and we'll watch for you as an extra.

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