It's always a good idea to help someone in need, most people learn that at an early age. Although learning it is one thing but actually taking action is something entirely different. That's why when I heard about Briana from Shadow Hills Elementary I was blown away.

I first heard about Briana from the Meridian Food Bank Facebook Page where they were posted about her and the amazing work she had done to help them. Briana first asked all of her friends to instead of giving her gifts for her birthday she wanted food donations brought to her birthday party.

As if the donations instead of birthday gifts weren't enough Brianna then held a food drive at her school to boost donations even more after her birthday party. In total Brianna collected 919 pounds of food to donate as well as $600 in cash. While I have never met Brianna or her family, I will say it seems like her parents are doing a great job raising her.

If you want to help the Meridian Food Bank like Brianna did, click here to donate or click here to become a volunteer.

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