Which Power Ranger were you when you were a kid? I was the Yellow Ranger. Saber Tooth Tiger was the coolest Dinozord and I rejected the notion that being a girl meant you had to have a little skirt like the Pink Ranger. Which Ninja Turtle were you? If you say Donatello I’m totally judging you, but I still respect you. I’m a Michelangelo myself. As for princesses, no judgements on who you transformed into during recess. I always claimed Belle and Jasmine depending on my mood. I swear all of us thought one day we’d grow up to fill the shoes of our iconic favorites. But silly things like logic and adulthood got in the way. Can’t be a Power Ranger when you have bills to pay. Unless...you get paid to be a Power Ranger.
EverAfter Enchantments, one of Boise’s favorite children’s party services, is hiring. They are looking for performers to fill all Princess, Prince, Superhero, and Character roles. So if you’ve longed to prance around as Sleeping Beauty and get paid for it, this is your chance! Though for copyright reasons, you’ll likely be playing the role of “Slumbering Stunner” or “Gorgeous Snoozer.”
Open auditions will take place Saturday, May 22nd and Saturday, June 5th (unless otherwise specified). And you’re asked to fill out an application prior to arriving for the casting. Keep in mind this isn’t just cosplay. It’s important you care about and are good at engaging with children and keeping them entertained. That’s why I won’t be auditioning. I’m not great with kids. I’ll save my dressing up for comic convention. Click here for all the details.
I want to apply to name the characters. Instead of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, perhaps “French Bookworm” or “Parisian Literarian.” Ariel could be “Voiceless Mermaid” or “Legless Songstress.” I’m having too much fun.

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