I am obsessed with Freak Alley. I have to walk through it every time I roam Downtown Boise. I never tire of the vibrant colors and brilliant brush strokes splashed on its walls. Each painting so different from the next. The artistry is magnificent, and while I don't always understand the message behind a painting, it's fun to come up with my own interpretations. Art is subjected, after all. And in a different life I am one of those artists whose work brings flair to Boise.

I've been drawing since I was 3 years old. It was my first passion. I stay in the realm of cartoons, but that still fits Freak Alley's vibe. This one in particular sticks out as a favorite.

freak alley

My latest obsession is drawing human-vegetable hybrids. And while my little creations exist on canvas, I'd love just a little space inside Freak Alley to showcase Broccoli Babe.

So what do I have to do to make that happen? It was actually surprisingly simple to find the answer. I headed to freakalleyboise.com and clicked on the "Opportunities" tab where it literally asked if I wanted to become a gallery artist. Fill out a simple contact form and wait for a response. I'm currently waiting for a response in hopes that I'll get a green light to showcase my art.

In the interim, I've decided to donate to Freak Alley Gallery. It is a non-profit that relies on fundraising and donations to keep Freak Alley the magical place it is. There is no planet on which I'd ever want to see it go away. Click here to donate!


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