When it comes to beer, Boise has become a hot spot for enthusiasts and people like me who don't understand all the small nuances of taste and texture, just really like to drink it. Well, there's no doubt that there are some amazing breweries around town and now the proof is in the gold pudding, er, gold medal. According to Boise Weekly, a downtown brewery got the top spot in an international competition.

Boise Brewing (521 W. Broad St.) took the gold in the World Beer Cup 2018. They secured their spot in the American-style Stout category with their Black Cliffs beer. So is this that big of a deal? Uh, duh! Boise Brewing Head Brewer Lance Chavez, told Boise Weekly, "It's like the Olympics of beer [...] We're over-the-top stoked."

The competition, hosted by Brewers Association, goes down every other year Back in 2016, another Boise brewery, 10 Barrel Breweing took home bronze for its P2P American-style stout.

Congrats, dudes!

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