Need a timesaver?  For $3.50, you can now reserve a parking space in the short-term garage at the airport and have quick access to the walkway that gets you into the airport terminal.  

The City of Boise said Monday that they're setting aside 23 spaces in the short-term parking garage for premium parking, and they're taking reservations now on the airport's website or the ParkMobile App where you can enter your estimated arrival and departure time.  The reservation costs $3.50 and then the regular short-term parking rate would be added on to that.

Something happens when we get into vacation mode and money becomes less of an object.  Yes, we will spend another $50 on a t-shirt and some cinnamon-coated nuts at the gift shop!  So something tells me we'll have no problem tacking $3.50 on to the total airport parking bill.

Standard short-term parking rates at BOI:

Reserved (short-term garage): $21.50/day or $2/hour, plus $3.50 reservation fee
Short-term parking garage: $21.50/day or $2/hour
Long-term parking garage: $11.50/day or $2/hour
Long-term parking lot: $9/day or $2/hour
Economy parking lot: $7.50/day or $2/hour

If you travel a lot, the new parking reservation option may be just the thing to help you zip right in, ditch the car, and head to the terminal without worrying about how long it's going to take to find a parking space.

Just in time for a busy and fun summer travel season.

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