Legend has it Idaho is all potatoes and a couple of gemstones. But Idahoans know there's more to the story. Do we produce 1/3 of the nation's spuds? Bet your baked potato we do! To pull it off, our farmers work non-stop year-round to grow, harvest, and distribute more than 100 million hundredweight potatoes worldwide. Is Idaho home to 72 kinds of dazzling precious gemstones? Once again, yes.

Listen, friend, we're proud of our legendary tubers! And our shiny rock collection happens to be the sparkle in our eyes. While we're all for celebrating these quirky distinctions, there's plenty more where they came from! Take in our list of bizarro and fascinating facts you probably don't know about Idaho.

Bizarro & Fascinating Facts You Probably Don't Know About Idaho

1. Wallace, Idaho, a town with less than 1,000 citizens, was once declared to be the center of the universe by its crazy mayor! To make matters more official, the mayor stamped the title on a manhole cover.

2. Idaho embraced the eco-friendly movement like an ice cold beer on a hot summer day! Our state capitol building is heated through a renewable and sustainable energy source.

3. Idaho's Hells Canyon is actually deeper than Arizona's Grand Canyon! Our hellish valley has a depth of 7,900 feet.

4. Idaho and India possess more star garnets than anywhere else.

5. Designing Women is more than the name of a hit tv show here! Emma Edwards Green is the only woman to have ever designed a state seal back in 1891.

6. Save it, sweetheart! Idaho men aren't allowed to give their significant others a box of treats greater than 50 pounds. For the record, we strongly oppose this barbaric law.

7. We're not sure if Idaho holds the keys to the Lord's kingdom, but we know it's the home of the Heavenly Gates! Nestled above Hells Canyon, Heaven's Gates allows patrons to take in the breathtaking sights of Washington, Montana, and Orgeon!

8. This one's a hooter! McCall, Idaho is known for it's Brundage Bra Tree! It's a tree women hang their braziers on.

9. Let's ride! Starting in Silver Mountain Resort in Kellogg, the Gem State boasts the longest gondola ride in the world.

10. This might sound like a load of bull, but we promise it isn't. Idaho holds a claim to the most expensive bull ever sold. The sticker was priced to the tune of $600,000!

11. Idaho's City Island Park has the longest main street in America!

12. While "hold our potato" feels like a delicious fit, our state's motto is actually "Esto Perptua." It means "this is forever." Honestly, we love our state's motto.

13. Feeling adventurous? Take the long way home! Idaho has approximately 4,522,506 acres of wildland without roads.

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