Are you an Idaho bride or groom-to-be intrigued by, but anxious over, hosting a winter wedding? We're here with three reasons frosty nuptials rock and three Idaho wedding venues perfect for hosting your big "I do."

3 Reasons Winter Weddings Rock

1. Affordability & Availability.  According to Wedding Ideas, winter weddings are riding an upward trend.  But for now, they're still the more affordable option when compared to what June brides will pay. Until winter ceremonies rival the popularity of those held during spring and summer months, winter brides and grooms will continue to enjoy lower venue rates. Once again, supply and demand is what makes one wedding experience more affordable than another. Wedding Bee says factors such as the potential for inclement weather and fewer venue reservations on the books have a significant impact on the overall cost of a wedding.

2. Photography. Capturing picture-perfect moments can cost newlyweds a lot more than most realize prior to wedding prep. Just as venues are known to slow down during the colder months, the same tends to be true for photographers. Wedding Bee encourages couples to capitalize on the breathtaking backdrops and cheaper rates typically associated with winter weddings. Avoid unpleasant surprises by confirming your photographer's rates up front. Extra equipment could cost a couple more money to combat the impact of inclement weather on their photos.

3. Food & Flowers. Catered cuisine and in-season flowers are practically guaranteed to spare couples the pain of unnecessary spending. Rather than devote a significant portion of your wedding budget to eats and petals, we suggest investing more in your honeymoon!

Now that you know why it’s awesome to have a winter wedding, take a look at some of the most beautiful venues in the state. These are our top three choices for winter wedding venues in Idaho.

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