My best friend lives in a different state and Covid-19 is still on and poppin', so I can't celebrate with her the way I'd like. I've got a gift for her on its way in the mail and I called and sang her my rendition of the birthday song. These things are well and good, but no birthday is complete without a public display of celebration, and the best way to do it these days is social media.

We'll start with Facebook. This platform is best for writing up a lengthy birthday post. Get nostalgic and bring up old times, inside jokes, and embarrassing tidbits from years past. Supplement with a throwback photo.

Instagram requires two components:

  1. IG story post: Consists of photos they've shared of themselves (so you know they like them). Pick however many you'd like to showcase and have a sweet caption written on each one. The stronger and longer the friendship, the more photos and captions you use.
  2. Feed post: A collage of photos comprised of pictures with just you two in frame. It's more personal if the pictures aren't crowded with randoms.

Twitter is the shortest. A quick quirky birthday message supplemented with a gif personal to your relationship. That's it.

Bonus: Add a personalized video of yourself praising them on their special day to any platform.

Lastly, make sure to tag the birthday person in all your posts so they see you love them across all major social media platforms. And now you're done!


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