Move over Dutch Bros. Watch out Black Rock. Take note Human Bean. There's about to be a new coffee shop in town!

We've been following a trail of permits that seemed to indicate that a coffee chain that's fairly well known in the midwest was getting ready to announce their first Idaho location. This week, that coffee shop made it official by launching a Facebook page for their new location at 4744 N Park Crossing near the corner of E McMillian and N Locust Grove.

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No. The chain isn't Dunkin'. From what we've read, they either have no interest in Boise or don't know where to find it on a map. It's Biggby Coffee, a coffee chain that got its start in East Lansing, Michigan in 1995. According to their website, Biggby has 290 locations in 13 states. One of the company's mottos is that they exist to love people. They encourage their franchise owners to get involved and be the light of their community.

Facebook/Biggby Coffee of Meridian
Facebook/Biggby Coffee of Meridian

All Biggby locations are locally owned and operated by the franchise owner. A couple by the name of PJ and Leanne are the masterminds of Biggby's first Idaho location.

Browsing Biggby's website, there's a lot to choose from. They serve six brewed coffees, 12 different teas and over 100 types of specialty beverages including lattes, smoothies, energy drink mocktails and non-caffeinated kids beverage. They also have a food menu that includes cookies, baked goods, yogurt parfaits, bagels and bagel sandwiches.

They are yet to announce an official opening date. It will be announced on their social media pages when the time comes.

There are a handful of Black Rock and Dutch Bros location within three miles of the future Biggby location, so it'll be interesting to see how the coffee battle in this part of Meridian shapes up. We're very excited to try something new!

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