According the the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, there have been almost 100 reports of Bigfoot sightings in Idaho. If you narrow it down to Boise, there have been three incidents reported in the last 20 years. The most recent in 2010. A couple detailed a possible sighting occurring on campgrounds in steep terrain near creeks at night. 11 years have passed since then and there haven't been any more reports for Bigfoot in Boise. So what's going on with that big hairy dude?

First you have to decide if you think Bigfoot is real. I feel like it's easy to dismiss the existence of Bigfoot because no one's ever gotten a clear picture of him. But what exactly does that prove by way of invalidation? Clearly people are seeing something, even if its not Sasquatch as we've always considered him. So I want to know, who has spotted this beast in the last few years?

I would have guessed that the pandemic would have churned out a ton of sightings. What else was there to do but go camping in the woods during lockdown? Or did the pandemic make Bigfoot even more elusive. I have to think he's some sort of smart to have stayed just outside our grasp for so long. Once he noticed more people than usual spending time in his literal stomping grounds, I bet he became even more of a recluse just waiting it out.

I need to know ASAP who has recent pictures of Bigfoot! Low key I have a crush on him in a very "If I were also a Sasquatchian being I'd be into him" way. Anyway, send pictures!

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