We covered the incredible story about these two best friends this spring, and now they're celebrating the release of the new book that highlights the 40-year friendship, and a trek across Spain.  A movie about these two buds will come out this fall.

Justin Skeesuck, who lives in Eagle, needs a wheelchair to get around because of his diagnosis with a neuromuscular disease that causes symptoms similar to ALS.  That didn’t stop him from trekking across Spain, pushed in that wheelchair by his best friend Patrick Gray, who lives in Meridian.

Patrick is the true definition of a best friend, who is there for Justin no matter what, even if it means pushing a heavy wheelchair over rough terrain and over dirt roads in rural parts of a foreign country.  When Justin got the wild idea to travel to Spain, Patrick said, “I’ll push you.”

The 500-mile trek across Northern Spain took 35 days.  The book called “I’ll Push You,” covers not only the trip, but also the lifelong story about these two friends who refuse to give up on each other.  It's out now.


The film premiered in April at The 2017 Newport Beach Film Festival, and it will be released to more theaters this fall.

They've launched a motivational speaking tour alongside the release of the book, and well-known speakers and authors like Tony Robbins and Shauna Niequist are taking notice and offering support.

What an awesome example of unconditional, brotherly love, and showing us all how to make the most of life, no matter what cards are dealt.  These two just keep makin' the Treasure Valley proud with their story, and we have a feeling this is only the beginning.


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