Democratic candidate for president Bernie Sanders visited Bronco Nation Tuesday with a massive reception from students and Idahoans ready to "feel the Bern."

A future to believe in.
A future to believe in.

Boise felt the "Bern" on Tuesday as Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders stepped up to a podium inside the Taco Bell Arena surrounded by a sea of blue signs that read, "A future to believe in."  I believe regardless of your party it's still a confusing year and the more visits by candidates the better for all of us.  Donald Trump may be dominating headlines on the Republican side but Sanders is "Berning" up the Democratic end.  Sorry for all the "Bern" puns - can't help myself.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is leading in all national polls, but Bernie is +2 points in Idaho ahead of Tuesday's Democratic Caucus.  Looking for any and everything about Super Tuesday 3?





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