It might be wintertime and only 30 degrees outside right now, but grab your shorts and flip flops! 

It’s Beach Week at The Handlebar. 


What is Beach Week, you might ask?

It is where we can all pretend that we are sitting on a beach, somewhere warm and sunny, with a drink in our hand… without ever leaving Boise. 

Photo Provided By Lauren Berry
Photo Provided By Lauren Berry


From February 25 through March 6, The Handlebar transforms their space into a literal beach. 

The floor is covered in sand, the temperature is cranked up high, and there are events that occur every single night.


Facebook/The Handlebar Boise
Facebook/The Handlebar Boise


According to Lauren Berry, manager of The Handlebar, it was an idea of Ezra’s, the owner. He thought it would be the perfect way to boost morale across town, to combat the winter blues, because it can get so cold and gloomy in the Treasure Valley this time of year. 


“He also just loves coming up with the most absolutely ridiculous events that he hasn’t seen before. He loves games and during beach week, we host a game pretty much every night.” - Lauren B. 


We can certainly attest to this, because The Handlebar is infamous for their innovative, creative and ridiculously fun events that they are always hosting. 

So if you're ready to shake off the off those winter blues, The Handlebar has got you covered.

But beware: you'll probably get sand in every crevice of your body, as that inevitably happens every time we go to the beach.


See below for some pictures of the bar’s transformation into beach week, and get ready to put your party pants on. Or rather, your party shorts?

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