The Covid-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it. Face masks at all times, all the concerts cancelled, restrictions on gatherings, working from home, school online, job losses--definitely not the year we were hoping for.

At the very least we can still dine out, despite the new restrictions. Mask wearing, social distancing, nothing buffet style, and no self refills. But at least we get to actually be out with friends wearing something other than pajamas and share a meal. I'm beyond grateful for that.

What I don't like is the mistreatment I'm seeing against hosts and servers. They didn't create the new policies for the restaurants that employ them. They are simply following directions. I promise you they don't enjoy asking you to wear your mask.

For some reason there are patrons who don't understand that. Just today I saw a woman scream at a teenager working in a fast casual restaurant for letting her know she can't get her own refill. He calmly explained he would get her another drink, but that wasn't satisfactory to her. She stormed out in a huff. This poor kid was so shook.

Eventually we will get past this and back to normal. But being kind shouldn't take a vacation because pandemic. These workers are risking their health to serve you. Treat them with respect.


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