Idahoans as a whole tend to have a lot of state pride. And I'm here for it. If I had a dollar for every vehicle I see driving around with some sort of Idaho bumper sticker or window decal, I would easily be able to purchase executive memberships at Costco for at least 4 people. And I'd recommend the Chinden location in Meridian. Idahoans just love being Idahoans. Everyone is united on that front until people start discussing which city they're from. Then the judgment kicks in.

Of course there's the painfully unoriginal (but it's just so easy to make the joke) "Garbage City" in reference to Garden City. And there is some literal truth to that based on its origins. (Read more about that here.) But is it actually garbage? Or are people holding on to that just 'cause it's popular?

And what about Middleton? A friend of mine always receives a strangely toned "Oh" when it is discovered that's where she lives. And whenever she asks why there is no real answer. Just a vague mashup of words and apologies for having a tone that "didn't mean anything."

Please don't shoot the messenger on this one, but I hear a lot of "They must live in Caldwell" when describing people who are rude with poor manners...or dumb. That's awful, right? I didn't say it! I've just heard it a lot. But have the people of Caldwell been given an unfair rap that isn't necessarily true?

This is a safe space to admit you've just been going along with the crowd. What town have you been giving a hard time that doesn't deserve it. I will admit I had one bad experience in Star and have held a little bit of a grudge and have given some disgruntled sighs at its mention. But now that I've admitted it, I can move on. Your turn.

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