The Baker City, Oregon Municipal Airport runs more than 16,000 flights in and out per year.  That's more than 40 a day.  This morning around 8 o'clock a report came in that some strange man was driving his van all over the runways.  KTVB reports that nobody knows why or what and the guy didn't just take off trying to get out of there.  He kept on doing it until authorities shut down certain runways, boxed him in, and proceeded to take him into custody.  The guy also refused to get out of the van once caught but I would imagine that whole situation has been defused by now.

This could just be a case of the 'CRAZIES' but I'm thinking there's something behind this.  This guy probably has some kind of twisted reason to be out there.  We obviously Do Not have those details yet but we'll keep you posted as investigators do their thing.

No word yet on how many flights were affected due to the runway closures but as far as we know, nobody has been hurt and things are up and running smoothly again.

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