Boise has topped a bunch of top lists recently, but it's pretty amazing that out of 150 cities, not only did Boise make this list but Nampa also made the list of top run cities in America...not just made the list but topped it....#1 and #2..Congratulations  


The web site, WalletHub just analyzed 150 of the largest cities in America to determine how well they are managed by their city leaders. And in Idaho, specifically the Treasure Valley, we did very well. Yep, Boise tops another list, but this time one of our little sister cities, Nampa came in right behind at number 2.  Check it out, Boise and Nampa are the top two best run cities in America.

If you’re wondering the criteria for us getting to the top spot, WalletHub said that they compared the top 150 most populated cities across six different categories.  Financial stability, education, Health, safety, economy and pollution and infrastructure.



Click on the link below for explanations and rankings of all the different criteria