Idaho Ford Fusion or Lincoln MKZ owners, you need to be aware of a recall that was launched today.  It is possible that your steering wheel could fall off while driving.

The Ford Motor Company issued the safety recall today for 2014 through 2018  model-year Fusions and MKZ sedans, warning that steering wheels can become loose or even detach from the steering column.

This has the potential for loss of control or crash.  Nearly 1.4 million vehicles across the country could be impacted.

If you own either model vehicle, you can search the Ford Service Action & Recall site to see if your car is being recalled.  You will need to locate your VIN number if you haven't signed up for their owner portal previously.

Ford has authorized dealers to make the repairs for free to customers.

You can find out more about the background (and other standing Ford recalls) from the USA Today.




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