For being a MIX 106 VIP, these bonus 'cluesletters' are yours.

What I've Told You So Far:

1. Ransom Note Location #2: To see or not to see...that is...a...question.

2. Ransom Note Location #1: A picture perfect view.

3. Ransom Note Location #3: As you search for my note, as you play our little game, thing of winning the wouldn't be the same. At this point you might feel your chances are a little bit bleek. For this one, pass a place some stop once or twice a week. 

4. Ransom Note Location #1: Popular...government...busy.

5. Ransom Note Location #4: Getting around this much easier with...keys.

6. Ransom Note Location #2: Kids can make you laugh, onions can make you cry. When you want to relax outside, it's not quite as fun if you don't stay dry. This clue is a place where you might like to relax and let go, but I admit it's a bit more fun in summer, than say, during rain, sleet or snow. Unless you're weird.

7. Bonus clue for getting this cluesletter: Not a picture. 

8. Ransom Note Location #4: Changes daily.

9. Ransom Note Location #3: Cars driving by me. Not so close, but not so far. Beep, beep. I'm over here.

10. Ransom Note Location #1: I see so many people deciding where the ransom notes could not up your mind...set your creativity free. The truth is, I've watched people walk by the places every day, on their way to work, to home, or just to play. So here's a little hint for ransom note location #1: It's surrounded by work, play, health, and getting things done. It's also NOT in Nampa.

11. Ransom Note Location #3: It was an audio clue. 

12. Ransom Note Location #2: Looking for a clue, trying for the cash. Drive safely while you're searching, I'd hate to see you crash. Maybe this weekend will be lucky. Don't drive yourself insane. And while you're on your hunt, oh hey look up there, it's a bird, no, a plane.

13. Ransom Note Location #4: Clue time, clue time, for ransom note #4. Where it is, could be right where you are, right now.