I know that some states are more strict on this and even more so with passports. Are you breaking the law with your driver's license? Let's find out.

I will say that Idaho is not taking away smiles all together but toothy grins are NOT permitted in your DL pic. I just got a new Drivers License in Montana and I smiled big in my first pic and she asked me if I wanted a re-do ( of course I did) but I smiled in my second one and she said it was fine. They don't seem quite as strict.

It's all about the new facial recognition. It has a tougher time with teeth I guess? I know that the passport rules are more stringent and ask you to have a  "neutral expression" for best facial recognition which means no smile.

According to the Idaho Statesmen :

So what exactly is allowed in Idaho?

“An expressionless face and a pleasant smile,” “You can’t be showing teeth.”

So if you are showing teeth in your Idaho Driver's License then you are breaking the rules but I am not sure on a law per say? Although according to an article on fastcompany.com The new no-grin rules—part of standards set by REAL ID, a 2005 federal policy that governs domestic air travel documents—have been adopted by two dozen states, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The rest have until Jan 22, 2018, to comply. 

Am I breaking the law?

Charene TSM
Charene TSM


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