The advent of emojis upped my texting level in a way for which I'll be forever grateful. My formative years began in the emoticon era, so I've been around since the inception of emojis. With every new iPhone and almost all subsequent ios updates, we've been gifted more teeny pictures from which to choose to express ourselves in more colorful and clever fashion. The frog paired with the tea/coffee cup is a personal favorite. But there are still some noticeably absent emojis and I demand they be given to us!

Apple announced earlier this year that they are adding emojis for iPhone and iPads. The new emojis include a male bride, a female groom, a Mx Claus (a gender-inclusive alternative to Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus), a tamale, a smiling face with a tear (I've been wanting this one forever), a face with a "disguise," and a "chef's kiss" hand. I'm cool with these. The gender fluid emojis I think are especially important. However, these are not enough!

I understand not wanting to roll everything out all at once. Got to keep us interested and wanting more. But how do we not have tampon and pad emojis?! HOW?! It's not like I want them to appear used. But these are universal for half the population! I was happy for the blood drop when we got it, but sometimes I just want to send angry face, chocolate bar, and tampon as a sentence.

And how about those twinning emojis? There's a set of girls, a set of guys, and a set of  gender neutral twins. But I want one guy and one girl to make up a set. Whenever I want to call Moug my partner in crime in a social media post I don't have that emoji to supplement the sentiment, which bothers me. Actual twins who are opposite gender have to choose between emojis that inevitably neglect one of them. Silly we got a petri dish emoji before a mixed gender twin set.

Finally, eyebrows. There's a painting nails emoji, so why not a pair of perfectly groomed eyebrows with tweezers attached. I have mine threaded, but I'll settle for tweezers. Grooming your brows is an integral part of getting dolled up. Even more so now as we are covering half our faces with masks. It's been time to add those to the mix.

What emojis do you think need to be added in the next update? While we're at it, what emojis could be axed and you wouldn't care at all? All the cat emojis with facial expressions could disappear and I wouldn't be bothered in the slightest.


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