I am thrilled to no longer be a big secret, though it did give me an air of mystery that made me feel cool. But, I realize I still am a bit of a mystery woman. There's only so much you can learn about me on air after one day, so I figure I'll give you a rundown of what I'm about!

First, family stuff. I've been with my husband for almost 11 years but it doesn't feel like it, cause' torture always feels longer than it is... just kidding! It's actually great being married to Timmy Tumbo (he hates that nickname. Oops), especially while raising our 2 wild boys (ages 9 and 3). I'm the queen of a very rowdy castle which will produce no more heirs at this time or any other.

As for who I am outside of wife and motherhood, I'm just a girl looking to have a fun time with great people, doing whatever. As long as the vibe is positive and fun, I'm there. I will say I am partial to karaoke and grubbing on good food. Some of the best times happen over meals and music. I never mind a good cocktail either. Let the drinks and hilarity flow, I always say! (Probably the first time I've used those exact words, but it's still true!)

I am excited to see what the Treasure Valley has in store for this Vegas girl! Maybe I'll become a Boise Babe. No? That's not a thing? Can we make it happen, or is it like "fetch"? Whatever, we'll see!

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