This scared me in the studio working on the show when getting shocked by that loud sound from my iPhone. We have another Amber Alert.

Pay close attention to photos and details because they could be near you right now. I'm not aware of the circumstances but you might have received the alert for a 1-year old missing. Here are the details.

Ada County Sheriff's are currently looking for 39-year old Marisol Garza, who abducted her son. Legend Garza-Cota is only 1-year old. This happened on January 19 this week. Pay close attention to the photos and vehicle information. If you see them or have any information please call authorities (208)377-6790.

A license plate is 2C-VC722 for the 2006 Nissan Altima.

I came across a special on one night where they tested customers with wanted signs or missing person posters. They would then send those people into a business and nobody would notice. We see them but don't pay much attention.

This is happening right now, Keep your eyes out and hopefully, everyone is safe soon.

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