Hackers, knock it off.

After it happened nationwide to Target and Home Depot, it looks like hackers have gotten into a database now at Albertsons stores, and Idaho is one of the states affected.

The Idaho Statesman is running the news along with several other sites, and they all say malware may have captured data including account numbers, card expiration dates and the names of cardholders at stores in Idaho, California, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.  The time frame was late August to early September.

I was a victim of the Target hack several months ago, but thank God nothing bad came from it.  Target detected "suspicious activity" on my account after the hack, and canceled my card and sent me a new one before the thieves could access my money. Nice work Target intelligence, thank you!

Fingers crossed for Albertson's customers too.  The malware was installed on networks that process credit card transactions, so watch the accounts of cards you used at the store, and expect the store to send more info soon.

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