Is it cliché for my favorite grocery store to be Albertsons since I live in Idaho? But how could it not be? Just recently I enjoyed a delicious coconut curry bowl at Albertsons on Broadway with one of my besties. The eating area on the second floor brings me an strange joy I can't quite explain. Like, how is this part of a grocery store? Walking around with wine in hand as I grocery shop is the kind of boujee I've always dreamt of being, and Albertsons Market Street lets me live out that dream. But even the more basic Albertsons are magical. As a vegan, I tend to find options there that aren't in other grocery stores.

And now Star is getting its very own Albertsons. Just a decade ago there were only about 5,700 residents living there. According to the city's mayor, that number is now double if not more. It seemed only natural for Albertsons to make the decision to open a store in the quickly expanding city.

The groundbreaking for the new store took place on Tuesday morning at the corner of State Street and Highbrook Way. Albertsons spokeswoman Kathy Holland says the location will be good for residents based on its proximity to several neighborhoods which allows folks to stop on their way home to pick up groceries easily. Mayor Trevor Chadwick and members of the Star Chamber of Commerce were in attendance at the event, which marks not only the addition of the popular grocery chain, but a sign that Star's growth has no plans of slowing down.

I will personally be excited once the project is finished because I love checking out new grocery stores. Not sure if that makes me a nerd or a level 100 adult. See you at the grand opening!

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