After our winter that seemed never to end (and still might bot be completely over), it's surprising to learn the Legislature is exploring less snow plowing in the Treasure Valley. 

It seems hard to believe, since plowing of our roads has been a big frustration this winter, but there is legislation being introduced that would potentially make it less likely our streets would be plowed during storms.

Ada County Highway District says that neighborhood side streets that are not connected to a major roadway were never supposed to be part of their responsibility.  They are asking for a change to the definition of the scope of their services to help clarify this.  They say that snow removable being classified incorrectly leads to them being expected to do more than they were originally expected to.

Boise Mayor David Beiter is against the new legislation and a spokesperson noted that the city received over 1000 calls from residents concerned that their roads had not been cleared during the storms.

For more on this, including an interview with ACHD during the peak of the snow, check out the story from our news partners at KTVB Newschannel 7.

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