Ada County has opened the promised second driver's license office in Meridian in another sign of progress and investment of our taxes. The building of the new facility was a point of controversy during the last term of Ada County Commissioners. The number of people moving into Idaho and the growth of the county's population in West Ada facilitated the need for a second facility.

Photo Courtesy of Ada County Commisioners

The new office is 11,000 square feet and is not far from the Meridian Exit on I-84 located on 736 South Progress Ave, according to a release from Ada County. The hope is that the excessive delays due to the Covid pandemic will be eliminated or, at the very least, lessen the amount of time it takes to get a new driver's license. Covid issues have caused Idahoans to wait hours upon hours to get a new license or license plates. The STAR Card mandate has been delayed because of the Covid delays.

Photo Courtesy of Ada County Commissioners

The new Ada County Driver's License office can facilitate a commercial license, STAR card, renew your Driver's License, or if you're new to Idaho, get your Idaho Driver's License. We hope that all the folks from California and other states will not delay getting their Idaho plates and driver's licenses.

Could we see another facility in Ada County? It wouldn't surprise population experts that eventually, the county will have a third office that handles driver's licenses and other transportation needs. The Gem State continues to grow, and with growth comes the need for facilities to handle the new folks moving into Idaho.  

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