I never thought I'd be writing an article about the long lines to get a Driver's License. The last time I walked in to get a license I might have waited 10 minutes.

I've actually never noticed any long wait times when it comes to getting a Driver's License. So, I thought it was just Idahoans overreacting. I was wrong.

Every time I drive by a DMV there is a line out the door and down the block. If you haven't been I'm telling you it's a real thing. Add the pandemic, social distancing, and influx of people moving into Boise and there is your answer. We do have light at the end of that crazy tunnel as confirmation of a new location opening this fall was just announced.

Construction is about to begin on a second Driver's License office building in the 700 block of S. Progress Avenue in Meridian. It's a few blocks north of the Meridian Road exit at Interstate 84 (just north of the WinCo.) Construction is scheduled to be done by the end of the Summer.

That comes from the Ada County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.


I also just found out you can't walk in anymore without an appointment. I'm assuming this is going to change in the future once new offices open and the pandemic is over, right? I was just talking to some co-workers who waited hours showing up before the doors even opened. The other person walked right in with the appointment and said it was easy.

This is a great reminder if you're needing a Driver's License that preparation is key. Details below.


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