I doubt you can find one of these over a winter weekend in Idaho, but this could definitely be on a bucket list getaway for the perfect date.

I've been constantly looking for things that you might not know existed. I'm doing this because the pandemic has all of us locked down. What about a Tiny House Resort located just a few hours away? I found one in the Sawtooth Mountains.

First, I looked up directions from Boise and it's less than 2 hours away. This Tiny House Resort sits at the bottom of Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains. This could be your couples therapy getaway surrounded by 7 other tiny houses. It's definitely Idaho's version of a mountain resort and everything is at your fingertips.

These Airbnb tiny homes sit at $137 per night and are what my wife would call, cozy. This kind of modern mini home would definitely be my idea of a great minimalist option. You have everything you might need under 400-square-feet.

This is probably the only room you really need when getting lost with friends in the mountains. If you plan on this weekend getaway you probably wouldn't be sitting inside anyways. The Meadow Creek Tiny House Resort & Spa takes glamping to an Idaho level.

There are several different tiny homes with various accommodations. This definitely 5-star level dating or anniversary planning. Staying at a nice hotel is fine, but watching the sunset with drinks in the mountains is definitely a future goal.

I'll put details below including great Instagram stories with video tours. Absolutely immaculate.


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