Police have been searching for suspects after someone intentionally started fires at two homes and a restaurant in Payette early Monday morning. They did arrest a suspect yesterday who's also believed to be connected to the series of arsons.

The first fire was reported at 12:30 a.m. at a home. The homeowner heard a noise outside and when he looked out of the window he saw the fire. When he went outside, he saw a person pouring gasoline on the outside of the house. When the homeowner confronted the person, he ran away.

As police and fire were responding to that incident, dispatchers received another report of a fire, this time at the A&W restaurant on Main Street.

When officers showed up they found that someone had thrown a brick through the window of the business, then set it on fire.

Police do believe that the two arsons were related because in both cases there was something heavy thrown to break a window and then accelerant was used.

It gets worse.

A few hours later a pickup truck parked outside a house was fully engulfed in flames and police said, yet again, a brick was used to break the truck’s window.

Payette Police believe the fires are all connected, and that more than one person was involved in setting them.

Anyone with information about the fires or any suspects should contact Payette Police.

Find the full story originally post by KTVB, HERE.

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