It's National Teach Appreciation Week. I'm gonna go ahead with the very cliche' but wildly accurate sentiment that teachers deserve appreciation and recognition year round. Teachers shape the minds and lives of youth who will grow up and run the world. The gravity of that seems to get lost. But I want all teachers in the Treasure Valley to know their worth is not lost on me.

This school year especially has been challenging because of the pandemic. And teachers were unfairly blamed for circumstances outside of their control. Parents and kids were frustrated beyond all measure, but teachers remained steadfast in adapting to online teaching, ever changing schedules, and Covid-19 protocols. They continued pouring their hearts into making sure our children were learning and thriving despite the mania of pandemic life.

Teachers of the Treasure Valley, you have been an integral part of the village it takes to raise children. You are appreciated not just this week, but day in and day out. You don't go into this profession for accolades and praise, but you definitely deserve them. I went to university to become a teacher and realized I didn't have the patience and tenacity it takes to show up every day and give 100% to each and every student. I admire you more than I can ever express.

The best teachers make students want to go to school. My son wakes up every morning excited to go because of the team of teachers at his elementary school who nurture and challenge him to be the best version of himself. And I know that's not a unique story when it comes to the teachers of the Treasure Valley.

Happy National Teacher Appreciation week. If you're a teacher, please call in all week to say hi on Moug & Angie Mornings. We'd love to thank you for all you do and shout you out on air! (208) 376-5106.

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