'Tis the season. No doubt you've seen the decorations starting to pop up around the valley. YES, Halloween is here. If you feel like you are tough enough brave the spirits at the Old Idaho Pen, get ready. Freaky Friday is coming!

Friday the 13th, quite possibly one of the freakiest dates for the Halloween spooky lovers, will celebrate the macabre, the sick, the oppressed, and the just plain scary incidents that occurred at the Idaho State Pen, during its tenure.  Want to join in on the hunting? From 6:00 p.m till 10:00 p.m the facility will be "brought back to life" Walk the halls, visit Death Row ( pic below) and more. Tickets are on sale now, click the link here and hurry and get them because they are going quick.

Old Idaho Penitentiary Haunt
Credit: JD Hanks Townsquare Media Boise Death Row

The Old Pen has been the subject of many TV shows that have traveled to Boise in search of some of its famous spirits who have YET to pass. Some of the most famous ones include Ghost Adventures and recently actor Rob Lowe and his sons filmed their A&E series The Lowe Files at the Pen. Below is just some of what they experienced.

I've spent some time walking around and had some pretty insane experiences. A ton I can't explain. I've got chills even thinking about it. Grab the gear, build up your courage and experience the Old Idaho Pen at Freaky Friday, October 13th. Good luck!


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