I have always been a HUGE fan of Ben's Crows Inn. The seafood eating lover inside of me has for the past 20 plus years been able to feed my craving by taking the drive on Warm Springs to the "Inn" and indulge in the Treasure Valley's best oysters, burgers, and onion rings.

Steamed Clams
Michael DeLeon

But all good things must come to an end it seems like. After 70 years of pouring beers and feeding the masses of Boise, Ben's Crows Inn will close its doors in September. For many families this was a place to share a pint and eat a great burger. The owners are selling the property and single-family homes will be built in its place. I'm actually pretty sad about this. The "Inn" has been a part of my families history here in Boise, and I can guarantee that many others feel the same way. So thank you for the memories, you will be greatly missed.

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