Are you ready for a break? Sometimes, we push ourselves so hard for so long, and when we finally come up for air, we realize there are only a few weeks left in the year, and we still have all of our PTO left! If that's you, it's time for a vacation.

Your next vacation should be one you remember. You may only have a little time or not want to travel long distances. That's okay; there are plenty of vacations that you can take that are easily drivable from Boise. You could stay at a relaxing vacation rental that is relaxing or unique enough for it to be its own vacation.

These places we found on Airbnb would make for a great long weekend, give you a change of scenery, and help you come back refreshed, refocused, and recharged. Best of all, they are all within a day's drive from Boise. Check out one of these stays if you're looking for something different.

These 9 Airbnbs Are Close To Boise And Are Absolutely Wild

Gallery Credit: Marco

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