Idaho: the land of potatoes and nothin' else

We're Idahoans: when we're not obsessing over Aaron Paul or spewing Napoleon Dynamite quotes, we're living our best, most basic potato-filled lives one fry at a time.  

At least that's what the rest of America seems to think about us 🙃

"But isn't Idaho the Potato State?"

While we're flattered that so many people love our russetty spuds, Idaho's official nickname is actually the Gem State.

Why? Well, whenever we take a break from mashing potatoes, photographing potatoes, or mailing potatoes to our potato-deprived friends around the country, we get pretty into gem mining. Truth be told, we've actually garnered a pretty stellar reputation in the rockhound community for our mines and 70+ native rare gemstones.  

"Idaho's kinda like one giant farm, right?"

That's a big harry no, misinformed one. We've got more than a few folks who can't tell a tractor from a Prius to prove it. We harbor nothing but respect and love for our incredible farm and ag community. But that doesn't mean we're living life on the potato prairie 😉

Scroll on for 7 weird & awkward things people say to us...all. the. time. 

7 Things People Say When They Hear You're From Idaho

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

Think that was cringey? It gets worse and weirder. Take a look...

9 Really Weird & Wrong Ideas Outsiders Have About Idaho

Do you ever get the feeling that America thinks Idaho was born yesterday? Or that we're nothing more than a giant field of potatoes? Do you ever get a little tired of the same old warn-out stereotypes?

Rather than complain, we decided to address nine of them and have a little fun along the way!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antionette Valenzuela

See? There's more to Idaho than farming and potatoes.

Idaho may be home to multiple robust cities and world-class resorts, but we're pretty sure it's our 50 fancy McDonald's locations that inspired the tech giants, aerospace engineers, and Hollywood celebs to move here.

It only sounds crazy until we think about the things we've done for a hot bacon-egg-and-cheese McBiscuit after an all-nighter at a Boise dive bar

In case you haven't noticed, we have a pretty good time poking fun at ourselves and the crazy ideas outsiders have about our state. Now if we could just get Wifi out here.

Keep scrolling for the best/most brutal Idaho mentions in Urban Dictionary.

26 Funniest Idaho Mentions in Urban Dictionary

It was 1999 when Aaron Peckham, a then-freshman at Cal Tech, launched Urban Dictionary to index student slang spoken on college campuses across the country.

Despite its comedic origins, Peckham's parody forum quickly evolved into a series of unconstrained mini conversations that checked stuffy academic writing at the door; 26 of which are featured in the gallery.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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Of all the crazy gin joints in the Pacific Northwest, Washington state is by far the strangest! Laws in the Evergreen State are so weird, it's hard to believe they're real.

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LOOK! A Boise funeral home was built in front of a retirement village

Someone Built a Funeral Home in Front of a Boise Retirement Home

Do we recognize the genius behind building a funeral parlor a stone's throw away from a retirement home? Absolutely. But we're not apathetic to how that might make the retirement home's residents feel. We're selectively and playfully insensitive to it.

To that end, we seized the opportunity to exploit the scenario with a sense of humor we pray old age never robs from us!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

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