Boise Music Festival 2018 begins in less than 24 hours and if you've never been to the biggest one-day music festival in Idaho, you NEED to make sure you get to Expo Idaho tomorrow to experience it! If I were you, I'd get there early (gates open at 10 a.m.) because there's so much to do! From the all-day carnival to a ton of yummy food, and of course the amazing performances from all the amazing artists!

During your time at #BMF, you're going to hear and SEE a whole lot, and I'm sure your friends who didn't get their tickets would love to live vicariously through you. So here are 6 Instagram-worthy photos you should get that will totally capture the spirit of the day.


  • Credit: Erika Goldring/Getty Images
    Credit: Erika Goldring/Getty Images

    Artist Selfie

    Ok, so maybe this would make your friends pretty jealous. But, how awesome would it be to get a pic with Baby Bash, Granger Smith, Parmalee, or Robin Thicke!! To give you the best chance at scoring this shot, make sure you upgrade to the Pioneer Federal Credit Union Pit Pass tickets. 

  • Credit: Irina Belousa
    Credit: Irina Belousa

    Water Works

    One of the 'coolest' attractions at the Boise Music Festival is the Detail Doctor's spraying water to hundreds of concertgoers. It's an awesome way to cool off, and you can get a sweet shot of you under the waterfall coming off their signature red ambulance-lookin' vehicle. *Hopefully your phone is water-proof hehe*

  • Credit: WOW 104.3
    Credit: WOW 104.3

    Meet Your Fave DJ

    You listen to your favorite radio station EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Have you ever wanted to meet one of the DJ's you listen to? Well, now you can! Make sure you stop by and say hi to the crews from Mix 106, 107.9 Lite FM, 103.5 Kiss FM, and WOW 104.3!

  • Credit: Russ Ensley
    Credit: Russ Ensley

    Bird's Eye View

    There will be performances throughout the whole day, but will there be anything to do between shows? Yes! A full carnival all day long!  Make sure you snap that birds-ye-view photo from the top of the Ferris Wheel. If you want to get in on unlimited rides, make sure you get your carnival wristband HERE.

  • Credit: ariwasabi
    Credit: ariwasabi

    Festival Food

    One of the best things about Boise Music Festival: the food!! Make sure you snap a pic of your favorite deep-fried goodness, a pronto pup, or the Idaho famous, potato ice cream!

  • Credit: Townsquare Media Boise
    Credit: Townsquare Media Boise

    Crowd Shot

    It's not every day you're among 80,000 + plus people! Be sure to capture this epic moment toward the end of the festival near the Commercial Tire Mainstage

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