I landed in the Treasure Valley 5 years ago this summer and it is nothing like I expected. Truly, I thought Boise would be a bunch of dirt, potatoes, and cowboys! It's obviously not that at all and here's a few other things I was surprised to find. 

1. Coffee shops everywhere! I was born and raised in Salt Lake City where you don't find a lot of coffee, but Utah's soda addiction is Idaho's coffee addiction. Those little coffee shacks are everywhere!

2. Hipsters. I expected cowboys, but I see more hipsters than cowboys here. Its all good, I just didn't expect the style when I thought of Boise.

3. Amazing Parks. We have the best parks in the Treasure Valley. Dog parks, parks with tennis courts, ponds, running trails, they are just incredible.

4. Geese and Squirrels everywhere! I love the squirrels, the geese, not so much, but I do love when they open up the off-leash dog program at Ann Morrison Park to chase the geese out! (It typically runs from November to February.)

5. The Greenbelt. I had heard about the river, which is one of my favorite things to do, but I didn't know about the greenbelt until I got here. I think the combination of the river and the greenbelt make for something really special in our city.

If you're an Idaho transplant, what were you surprised to find here?

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