It's getting tougher and tougher to keep kids busy at home. My goals are to connect, educate, help them get creative, or inspire them to do good. Here's 5 ideas we recently tried that you can adopt at your home. 

1. Let the kids have hay day with your hair and make-up: None of us are going out anyway, so who cares what you look like. My kids had a blast with this, and in turn I did their make-up, which felt like a good chance to get some revenge!

2. Play Disc Golf: I understand this is leaving the confines of you home, but when we went yesterday, we didn't see one other person. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous tomorrow and the next day, so get out and enjoy it while practicing social distancing. If you aren't familiar with disc golf, it essentially combines frisbee with golf and it's a ton of fun. I know there is a course at Settler's Park in Meridian, one at the park next to The Village, and yesterday we went to Meridian Technical Charter High School. 

3. Make something in the kitchen that you have never made before. We tried making bread this week. I am not a baker, and I was really intimidated to try it, but it worked out great and everyone loved it.

4. Have a different theme every day. You could do crazy hair day, 70's day, goth day, the possibilities are endless.

5. Encourage the kids to read by rewarding them with the movie version of the book at the end. I do this with my kids all the time, and they love it. My daughter and I are currently reading the classic, "Anne of Green Gables" and she keeps reading because she can't wait to watch the movie!

That's all I got for now folks, but as I come up with ideas to entertain my kids, I'll pass it along. Good luck!

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