Admittedly, I've never considered the importance of businesses and restaurants being pet friendly until very recently. I don't have a dog (yet). I just have children. And with the exception of bars and nightclubs, I can pretty much take them anywhere if I feel like it. But I have several friends who are dog owners that have to worry if their pupper will be welcome when they decide to go out to eat. Not all dogs can be left home alone.
And not all dogs are service animals. A lot of times your dog is your bestie and you want to take them out with you when you're grabbing a bite to eat. So here are 5 restaurants that will welcome you and your doggie with open arms.

Hyde Park Pub & Grill- It's located in Hyde Park (obviously?), which is such a chill vibe. So already that's a plus. And it has a ten table outdoor patio perfect for you and your dog. With the warmer weather creeping up, this is the perfect time to take advantage.

Promising Review: "Very comfortable dog patio. Staff is very accommodating and loves their dog customers. They have at least one water bowl out. Always enjoy the food, great service, good beer selection." - Sherri,

The Symposion- Technically this is a bar and not a restaurant. But you can eat the olives from your martini, so I've decided it counts. It's also nice to have a late night option. If your dog can't sleep while you're not home, just bring them with you.

Promising Review: "Symposion is extremely dog friendly, allowing them indoor and off leash! Unlike most dog friendly bars Symposion serves liquor and is open until 2am. They aren't super busy even on weekends which gives you a great chance to socialize your dog if they are young or anxious. Lots of entertainment as they have pool tables, darts and a jukebox as well as a popcorn machine. My only complaint is that there's nowhere to eat within walking distance." - Chelsea,

Bacon- Brunch is life and something I love to do with my friend Mallory (who you can catch from 10am-2pm on Mix106). She's got a gorgeous new dog, so this will have to be our next brunch destination since they welcome canine pals.

Promising Review: "This place is a great brunch spot with a shaded patio. We were given water for our dog right when we sat down and then a piece of bacon. Really good food and friendly service." - Heather,

Eureka!- I've been hearing about this place forever. All American food and whiskey. What more could you want? A dog friendly patio? Yup, they've got it.

Promising Review: "The osso bucco ribs are yummy but definitely have a kick. Brussel sprouts were perfect...with a nice crispy sweetness. We also had the fish tacos and pickled slaw is delicious. Bonus: tacos come with chips and salsa.
Patio is dog friendly and they brought out a nice cool bowl of water for our pups and gave them alot of love!" - Mary D., Yelp

The Curb- If you're going to be kicked to one, I hope it's this one. This little gem is situated in Meridian. Not only do they have an all you can eat spaghetti special, but they make cocktails out of White Claws. Genius. Your dog should be with you for such an experience.

Promising Review: "My husband and I had lunch on the patio Thursday and our dog was with us. They brought Laina a water bowl and treats. It was shaded so it was comfortable. We enjoyed our meals and the dog enjoyed the attention she got. Friendly staff and will definitely go back!" - Coleen,

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