It's the beginning of April and I'm already thinking about this Summer in McCall. We have so many memories during those Summer nights and it's time to prepare for another. The real question is what kind of pandemic atmosphere will be present.

COVID-19 cases are making an upward trend with several different variants. This does cause concern and McCall announced on Friday to extend the current mask mandate for an additional 45 days immediately.

This extension of the mask mandate will be held within the city limits of McCall for the next 45 days. The city council voted to continue the mask mandate, "with a light at the end of the tunnel." Anette Spickard, City Manager said on Friday, "In late April or early May, Council will gather again to discuss McCall specific parameters that may include weekly case rates, Idaho rebound stages, and vaccination percentages."

They went on to say they to explain all this information would help determine the steps beyond that 45-day mark. The city council expressed an understanding of downward trends in the McCall area. There is some concern of the upcoming tourism season to potentially escalate cases.

If you plan on grabbing the family for a quick McCall vacation just bring your masks. It's just going to be a little longer, but there are still concerns of an increase of cases due to the variants being detected.

The current 45-day mask mandate will expire on May 26, 2021. Wear that mask or there will be a $100 fine if you're given a citation.


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