If you do a little digging, you can find some pretty funky things to do in Idaho. Here's some ideas if you need something new and you're up for an adventure. 

1. Did you know you can sail from from Idaho to the Pacific through the Snake and Columbia Rivers? According to msn.com you can go through farthest inland port on the West Coast, Lewiston. Don't even think about doing this though unless you are well trained and goodness that trip would take a long time, but it's cool to know it's possible.


2. Stay inside a huge Beagle! I have always wanted to stay at Dog Bark Park in Cottonwood. It's a bed and breakfast that is situated inside a wooden dog! You're looking at about a 4 1/2 hour drive out of Boise, but what an experience!


3. While we're on the subject of weird places to stay, did you know you can also stay inside a Giant Potato in Boise? It's $250 a night on Airbnb.


4. Visit the Museum of Clean in Pocatello. It's 74,000 sure foot museum dedicated to educating people about being clean! I've always wanted to check it out, because it just sounds so weird!


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