🗣️ Axe & You Shall Receive

We axed 200 Idahoans to share the words they're tired of hearing all of us mispronounce. A few words of advice: before you axe an Idahoan about their opinion on anything, brace yourself, friend. No holds are barred.

Of all the replies we received, we whittled the robust list down to 33 pacific words. Who knew Idahoans were such sticklers when it comes to grammar and correct pronunciation? What was that? We're all getting dictionaries for our birtdays this year? It's prolly for the best.

Rock & Scroll

Scroll through our super fun gallery to see if you've been mispronouncing any of these 33 words!

33 Words Idahoans Are Supposably Tired of Hearing Everyone Mispronounce

Axe anyone in the Treasure Valley. When it comes to the pronunciation of pacific words, Idahoans have expecially high standards.

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