The Cambridge English Dictionary defines a transplant as "someone or something that has moved, or been moved, from one place to another." The example provided was especially interesting given the nature of this article. It was, "I'm a transplant from California."

Truth be told, I'm a transplant from North Carolina who was born and raised in Chicago. The story of my transplanthood started when my family and I settled down in Star eight years ago. It was near the tail end of the Obama administration that my husband had decided to transition from Active Duty Special Operations to Utah's Special Forces National Guard unit. We could have moved to Utah, but Idaho captured our hearts and attention.

Since moving to the Gem State, we've taken to Idaho living like the ducks on Lucky Peak. We've built a beautiful network of friends who've become our family. We're active members of the community throughout the Treasure Valley. And we've upheld the unwritten rule to keep Idaho Idaho.

All in all, Idaho has become our forever home. Yet despite everything I just shared, I still encounter suspicion and discrimination for being a dreaded transplant. To help reduce the division and tension that seems to have tripled since my Idaho story started, I'm touching on three myths about transplants we need to stop believing for the betterment of Idaho.

3 Myths About Transplants We Need to Stop Believing 

1. California transplants are turning Idaho blue. Contrary to common/uninformed belief, the majority of Golden Gate residents that settle in the Gem State are registered Republicans. If Idaho's political identity is shifting, it's not California's fault.

2. Transplants refuse to keep Idaho Idaho. If the way my family has embraced Idaho living hasn't convinced doubting Thomas, I'm not sure what will.

Like us, our Idaho friends-turned-family honor and exercise Idaho family values: we stand for liberty, kneel for the flag, and respect Idaho traditions. We're contributing members of Treasure Valley society, charitable givers, and responsible firearm owners. We're Veterans, nurses, teachers, and first responders who put our neighbors first.

Eight years of experience has demonstrated that me and my kind tend to be the rule more than we're the exception.

3. Transplants are threatening Idaho's native hunting community. Nope. Idaho Department of Fish and Game have continuously increased their non-resident tag, yet as of today, the department still hasn't sold all of their resident tags this far into the season. Idaho hunters, this is still your country.

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