Ok, what is the deal?!! I feel like we hear about TSA agents at the Boise Airport seizing firearms all the time! Well, that's because this year there have been 22 instances of firearms being found in carry-on bags, 3 in the last three days alone!!!

According to KTVB, on Tuesday a .45 caliber loaded pistol belonging to a male passenger heading to seattle was found; on Wednesday, TSA found a .40 caliber loaded glock belonging to a Salt Lake-bound passenger was seized; then yesterday morning, a guy heading to Denver was stopped for his loaded 9mm semiautomatic pistol. What the heck?!?!?!

Did they forget the rules? According to KTVB it IS ok to pack a firearm ONLY if they're declared at the ticket counter when they arrive. But it's definitely a NO-GO on a carry-on bag. So before you head out for some holiday traveling CHECK.YOUR.BAGS! Don't be that person. If you do happen to "forget" just be warned that you could face a penalty between $1,960 to $9,800!



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