It's that time of year when school busses, school zones and kids crossing the street become part of our daily commute again. Back-to-School season brings with it, its own set of rules. Failure to follow them isn't cheap! 

If you live, work or drive in the City of Boise, you'll likely experience some of the first day of school traffic on Monday. Caldwell will see the return of busses on Wednesday and Nampa's first day is Thursday. When the new year kicks off, it's always a good idea to refresh yourself with the rules you need to follow in school zones and approaching school busses.

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Stop Arm Law

If you come across a bus with its stop sign extended and red lights flashing, you must stop for the bus as it picks-up or drops off children. You can move once its in motion again or it has pulled its stop sign back in. The only exception to this rule is if you are traveling in the opposite direction of the bus on highways with four or more lanes if two lanes are going in each direction. This is a state statute.

Fines for violating the "Stop Arm Law:" $200 for your first offense, $400 for your second offense within 5 years, $600 for third offense within 5 years

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Speeding in School Zones

Those flashing yellow signs are back in the morning, during the lunch hour and after school in Boise. The school zone speed limit in Boise is 20 MPH. If you're caught pushing it faster than that in the City of Boise, you're going to pay.

Fines for Speeding in School Zones in Boise: $156.50

Yielding to Pedestrians

You really should be yielding to pedestrians year round, but it's an important reminder come back to school season because you'll have little ones and older teens using the cross walks near their schools.

Fines for Failing to Yield to Pedestrians: $75

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