Craigslist, Facebook, Marketplace, and other popular places to buy and sell things in the Treasure Valley are typically filled with common sense items. However, some people are taking their entrepreneurial spirit to a new level! Today, one person has decided to cash in on the hype of the opening of the Treasure Valley's first In-N-Out Burger.

I understand that we're all excited about the opening of California's most famous burger chain opening at The Village at Meridian, and we would all like to experience In-N-Out without waiting in line. For someone who once lived in a place with several In-N-Out Burger locations, I can tell you that while the 4-hour waits will end, the long lines will never change. Don't let the name fool you. Most fast-food restaurants are much faster, but the fresh food is the appeal, not the speed.

Yes, the Double Double is a great burger, but how much would you pay for one, really? How much more would you pay if you didn't have to wait in line? $25? $50? $75?

One person on the Facebook Group "All Things 208" is selling a Double Double with Cheese for $200. This person is located in Nampa and has put it into a Ziplock bag to keep it fresh. Time is of the essence on this purchase, so if you're interested in buying this overpriced burger, you'll have to hurry. Not that you will have competition, but how long can this sit in a Ziplock bag? Maybe you can negotiate the price down to $5 in a few hours.

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