I hope your Independence day weekend was great Idaho, you suck! Thanks, Money Inc. I'm not sure I agree considering Idaho's growth that's happening right now.

Regardless, it's to be expected. So much of the attitude about out-of-towners moving in is somewhat comical at this point. Most people hesitate when asking where they might be from followed by, "Well, California BUT!" Honestly, don't want to hear about it till you bring In-N-Out with you. Until then, let's go over some of the worst places to live according to MoneyInc.

10 Idaho Places That "Out of Towners" are being Told Suck.

Let's not go overboard and get too offended by this list. It's funny how you rank cities and that becomes the 20 reasons to leave. I know plenty of people that have moved in and quickly out of Boise. People generally complain about why the hype is so big followed by all the reasons why it's overhyped. Don't take it personally, people love to complain.

Garden City, Middleton, Emmett, Burley, and Mountain Home will appreciate making the top 10 list. Caldwell and Nampa weren't too far behind.

chamika dharmasena/unsplash
chamika dharmasena/unsplash

How Are These List Compiled for Idaho

This specific list has a wide variety of categories that each city is graded on.

  • Median Home Prices
  • Education
  • Unemployment Rates
  • Crime
  • Female livability (hourly rate compared to men and poverty rates)

Idahoans and celebrities from all over the country escape to Idaho for the beautiful reset. We know about Sun Valley, Boise, Coeur D'Alene, Tamarack and McCall. Idaho definitely has favorites.

Then, there are unfavorable spots that maybe some of us don't even think of. I wouldn't be surprised if these median home prices haven't gone up as the boom continues.

Let's get to the list.

  • Vishu aUsaqcSbbkk/Unsplash
    Vishu aUsaqcSbbkk/Unsplash

    Mountain Home

    This is home to the Air Force and so many other great Idahoans. That doesn't get you great ratings in these types of reviews though. Mountain Home is getting hit with low home value and high unemployment. The crime is well above the population of 13,998.

    The rate of unemployment is 6.8 percent was measured 6 months ago.

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    Pocatello, ID

    Unemployment makes it difficult to purchase a nice home in a beautiful area. MoneyInc. reports that a combination of all the negatives like crime, unemployment, and poor education ratings don't help.

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    Burley, ID

    I know several people including my family that grew up in Burley, Idaho. The Taco Bandito is a reason by itself to make the drive. That doesn't help pay the bills though as things are declining. The median home value is $118,000 which is stunning.

    The average family income is below the poverty level at $24,600 per year. Who can live on that?

  • matthew henry/unsplash
    matthew henry/unsplash

    Rupert, ID

    The population of 5,782 with a great unemployment rate of 2.2 percent. That seems great, but it's the home values that don't hit the mark. The median home value is $98,400.

  • ehrlif

    Emmett, ID

    Home of the very popular Cherry Festival. The only problem is nobody moves because of the cherries. Emmett gets blasted because of the home value at $118,600 and the low poverty line.

  • drew bernard/unsplash
    drew bernard/unsplash

    Hailey, ID

    Hailey comes in at #5 and makes a list of the worst places for women according to Zippia.

    Women make .69 cents to every $1 a man takes home. Hailey gets hit pretty hard on women's living details that include 39% of women hold management positions.

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    Middleton, ID

    Not your single city for ladies as 15.7 percent are at poverty levels and make .65 cents per every dollar for a man. Single independent might put Middleton in the top 5.

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    Rexburg, ID

    These final few are terrible places for women based on some very critical statistics. Women in Rexburg will make .52 cents for every $1 a man makes. If you want to manage a business in Rexburg and a woman it's extremely difficult at 16.6 percent. The poverty rate is 41.7 percent for single ladies. Whoa.

  • karsten koehn/unsplash
    karsten koehn/unsplash

    Twin Falls

    This is somewhat surprising to me as Twin Falls comes in number two. You would think this was a women's rights article based on these staggering numbers.

    Women make .51 cents for every dollar a man makes. This is the worst in the entire state of Idaho. The poverty rate for women is 17.5 percent and the management workforce for women is 33.6 percent.

    Twin Falls isn't a women's best opportunit.

  • Josh Olalde/Unsplash
    Josh Olalde/Unsplash

    Garden City

    The #1 worst place to live in Idaho is just a few minutes from Boise. Garden City.

    Why does everyone keep taking shots at Garden City? Crime. Looks like crime in Garden City is 16 percent higher than the national average. Area Vibes reports you're more likely to fall victim to crime 1 in 38.

    Furthermore, Garden City is one of the most dangerous places in the country. Shocking.

    Full list at MoneyInc.

  • 11

    Honorable Mentions

    • 20. Post Falls
    • 19. Idaho Falls
    • 18. Sandpoint
    • 17. Coeur d'Alene
    • 16. Nampa
    • 15. Weiser
    • 14. Caldwell
    • 13. Hayden
    • 12. Jerome
    • 11. Payette

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