Two kids are safe this morning after escaping after the car they were riding in was stolen. Here's what happened. 

The crime happened in Pocatello Saturday night along I-15 when the kids father stopped on the side of icy roads to help a driver that was stuck.

According to an article on KTVB that details the crime, as the kids Dad was helping out, two people jumped into him car and drove off with two kids under 12 in the back seat.

This situation could have turned out to be a horrible tragedy, but Pocatello police were able to locate the car within the hour at a nearby house.

The kids told authorities that they were able to escape at some point during the ordeal and they walked to a nearby relatives house. Luckily both kids are safe and unharmed.

This situation was eye opening to me about having a conversation with the kids about what to do if they ever find themselves in this kind of a situation.

You can feel pretty helpless in the backseat of a car when someone you don't know and don't trust is behind the wheel. I think I'm going to make sure my kids are equipped with their phones while riding in the back seat so that they'll have the ability to call 911 if this ever happens.

Again, we are so grateful that both kids involved in this car theft and ultimate kidnapping are safe this morning.


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