I've actually gone through this myself when you get something unwanted. Haven't we all received an item and return it? Most recently I received the wrong items and the business said to keep it and we'll refund it, really?

I guess I'm not the only one as Amazon and Walmart are doing the same with refunds. I'm not saying this works for everyone, but you might try.

I'm getting this from pymnts.com and TheWall Street Journal. I just read that Target is also a group trying this method to help cut costs. Think about it. If you receive something you don't want who pays for all this? I ordered some South Beach items in which I got half of the wrong products. They just said to keep it and they would refund me half of the price. COVID-19 was their reasoning and said it been happening a lot.

These companies are encouraging you to just donate them to a charity. This is a true story but don't get too excited or try this for fun. Do your research because this is happening on items they don't plan on reselling. I wouldn't suggest dropping $500 on the Playstation 5 and calling back with, "It just wasn't that fun." I doubt very seriously someone is going to respond with, "Just keep it and donate it, ma'am. We appreciate your business."

I'm sure return rates are higher with all the online shopping this year. People are always messing up our Instacart and Doordash. The volume is so high it's bound to happen sooner or later.

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